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Kershopehead (Kielder Forest)


There will be a workparty at Kershopehead bothy in the Kielder Forest on the weekend of  28th - 29th January.

We are planning to install a new lintel above the byre door, and remove existing stove and replace with one from a former bothy. If you are able to help please get in touch.

Refreshments will be provided and sleeping accommodation in bothy.

Contact: David Moorat,  Area Organiser North England & Borders -  Tel 016977 2802

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Maintenance News

Kershopehead (Kielder Forest)
Workparty 28-29 January

Greg's Hut
Workparty 10-11 June - Limited Accomodation

Update- Over Phawhope
28-29 January

Greensykes Workparty
20 - 22 January 2017

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General News

Greensykes Bothy (Eskdalemuir)
Unavailable for use 20-22 January

Penrhos Isaf, N.Wales
Bothy stove now functional

Phone Lost at Essan

Unavailable Weekend of 7-8 January 2017

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