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Strabeg and Shenevall Workparties


Despite being originally advertised some time ago these two work parties urgently require more volunteers, indeed they are at risk of being cancelled due to lack of support.

Strabeg (23 - 28 April) to make the bothy waterproof again. Some roof work and extensive pointing is required urgently, if the work is not done soon then the fabric of the building will start to deteriorate rapidly. We are particularly looking for volunteers experienced in slating. Contact Robert Barton ( for further details. The Area Meeting will be held following this workparty on Saturday 28 April

Shenevall (30 April - 6 May) to address issues raised in the Fire Risk Assessment. This will involve building a new stud and plywood wall to enclose the staircase, taking down the annexe and fitting a new window, opening up the ground floor of the 'bridal suite' and  building a sleeping platform and fitting a lockable hatch in the ceiling. Again this work is urgently required in a heavily used bothy that is beginning to look tatty and which ought to be seen as a flagship bothy. Contact Peter Aikman ( for further information



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