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Ultimate Navigation School


We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the Ultimate Navigation School which provides externally accredited navigation courses for hillwalkers through to Mountain Rescue teams.

As part of that Agreement, the School is offering a special course discount to MBA members. More details can be found in "Members News" in the Members section of this website.

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15-17 April

Workparty 29 April - 1 May

Greensykes Workparty
28-20 April

Strathchailleach, 28 - 30 April
Can you help at this remote bothy?

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Radio Found at Gameshope

Luib Chonnal
Busy weekend 24-26 March

Ultimate Navigation School
Special Discount for MBA members

Oban Bothy
Limited Accomodation 21-25 April

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