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Memories at Kearvaig


Memories at Kearvaig

An old house is filled with memories, and many bothies are no exception. This message was scrawled on plasterboard at Kearvaig, by the front window in the 'side school'. During recent renovations we renewed all the windows at Kearvaig and it was necessary to disturb much of the surrounding plasterboard, but before work began Mrs Nicholl's historical notes were carefully photographed. They remain on display in the bothy.

“Visited by R W Nicoll on the 11th September 1966 whose father Edward John McCallum was born here on the 9th August 1862 and her Grandfather before him, Robert McCallum who was here before the lighthouse was built.
My Grandfather Robert McCallum had the farm at Sheigra before it was broken up in 1912 where I was born”
Mrs R W Nicoll

In more recent times bothy books have replaced the bothy walls as a place for writing notes intended for other visitors. This website can bring interesting entries to a wider audience and submissions are welcome. Please don’t send the whole book! A copy of the entry will do.

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