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Penrhos Isaf, N.Wales


The bothy stove in Penrhos is now functional again, but some caution is advised, aas a thorough service is due for the new year. Feedback after any visit to the bothy and use of the stove would be gratefully appreciated. Also please note that access to the bothy is on foot only, as forestry gates are now locked.

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Maintenance News

Kershopehead (Kielder Forest)
Workparty 28-29 January

Greg's Hut
Workparty 10-11 June - Limited Accomodation

Update- Over Phawhope
28-29 January

Greensykes Workparty
20 - 22 January 2017

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General News

Greensykes Bothy (Eskdalemuir)
Unavailable for use 20-22 January

Penrhos Isaf, N.Wales
Bothy stove now functional

Phone Lost at Essan

Unavailable Weekend of 7-8 January 2017

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