Ruigh Aiteachain

Grid Ref: LR 35/43: NN 847 927  |  Location: Eastern Highlands

Please contact the estate if using the bothy between 1 September and 20 October. Use only wood supplied, Glenfeshie Estate, 01540 651 212. The toilet is in the adjacent building; please follow instructions for its use and ensure that it is left clean. Wood-burning stove.

Note: The Carnachuin Bridge near Ruigh Aiteachain (GR NN 845 937) was swept away by the River Feshie in spate on 3rd September 2009.
Anyone heading to Ruigh Aiteachain should therefore be warned that the Pony Bridge at (GR NN  850 964) is now the last crossing in upper Glen Feshie.

Historical note:
Ruigh Aiteachain bothy is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Landseer's bothy. It was certainly in this area that Sir Edwin Landseer, the noted English painter, watched and studied red deer for his most famous painting of a stag, the Monarch of the Glen. However, it was in an adjacent building, now ruined, and not the present bothy, that he drew his preliminary sketches, including a fresco above the fireplace.

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